Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TycoonR.com ?

TycoonR is an online retail company focused on acquiring and managing existing brands on Amazon. TycoonR's business model is to buy existing brands on Amazon that already have a history of sales and revenue and optimize them to maximize their performance on the platform.

To do this, TycoonR uses marketing and optimization techniques to increase product visibility, improve conversions and increase profit margins. TycoonR can also invest in products and inventory to increase sales.

TycoonR focuses on acquiring brands in high-growth product categories, such as personal care and health products, home and garden products, consumer electronics, etc.

Basically, TycoonR buys brands that already have a presence on Amazon, with the goal of optimizing them for increased visibility, conversions and profit margins, and then reselling them at a higher price.

Who is TycoonR's founder ?

David DADDI, the founder of TycoonR.com is an e-commerce consultant and has been offering consulting services to French-speaking Amazon sellers since 2014. Since 2016, he has been marketing 100% online training-coaching and mentoring programs for future Amazon sellers and existing French-speaking Amazon sellers who want to boost their store in Europe and North America. Since 2014, David has been offering an e-commerce delegation service via his "FBA Turnkey" (e-commerce Outsourcing) offering. He was an IT consultant between 1998 and 2013 at the head of his own IT service company which he created in 2003 and sold in 2013. It was in 2013 that he started selling on Amazon France.

TycoonR's philosophy

TycoonR is a dedicated team of engineers, entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs and business partners in the fields of e-commerce and the creation of product lines to be marketed in marketplaces like Amazon. TycoonR's vision is to make investing in e-commerce accessible to as many people as possible.

What is an Amazon brand aggregator?

A brand aggregator is a company that structures itself as an investment fund for the purpose of buying e-commerce and Amazon brands that already have a presence on Amazon and have a proven model. The goal of an e-commerce aggregator is to optimize them to increase their visibility, increase their conversion rate to generate more sales and profit margins. The goal of an aggregator is to resell at a higher price the acquired e-commerce and Amazon brands in order to generate a big capital gain.

What is a "tycoon" ?

A tycoon is a person who has become very rich and powerful in a particular field, often by being a successful entrepreneur or industrialist. The term "tycoon" is often used to describe people who have built an economic empire from scratch, using their talents and determination to become leaders in their field.

Tycoons can be entrepreneurs who have founded and run successful companies, investors who have made large sums of money by investing in businesses or projects, or industry figures who have become influential leaders in their field. They can also be political figures or business leaders who have become powerful leaders in their country or region. Examples of tycoons include entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, investors like Warren Buffett, and business leaders like Sheldon Adelson, Carlos Slim.

What is a token asset ?

A tokenized asset is a financial asset that has been converted into a digital token, typically using blockchain technology. Tokenized assets can include stocks, bonds, real estate, works of art, precious metals, etc. The tokens are created to represent ownership of these assets and can be bought and sold like traditional financial assets.

Tokenization allows investors to acquire ownership of assets that were previously difficult or costly to purchase or transfer. For example, tokenizing a real estate property allows investors to become partial owners of a building without having to purchase the whole thing. Tokenizing art allows investors to acquire a fraction of a unique piece of art without having to buy it entirely.

Furthermore, tokenization allows for more efficient asset management, as it enables increased transparency and traceability through the use of blockchain. It also makes assets more easily tradeable and allows for broader access to investors, not just institutional ones.

What is a tokenized investment fund ?

A tokenized investment fund is a fund that invests in digital tokens, such as cryptocurrency tokens, security tokens, commodity tokens, etc. The tokens are created on a blockchain and represent ownership of a diversified portfolio of digital tokens. Investors can purchase tokens to become shareholders in the fund and benefit from the performance of the token portfolio.

Tokenized investment funds are managed by professional fund managers, who are responsible for managing the token portfolio and distributing profits to shareholders. Tokens can be bought and sold on token exchange platforms, such as cryptocurrency exchanges, using fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies.

Tokenized investment funds can offer diversification for investors, as they allow investment in a variety of digital tokens rather than just one cryptocurrency. They can also offer faster and less costly payments and withdrawals than traditional funds.

How does tokenization work for an e-commerce company ?

Each e-commerce company is reviewed by our underwriting and compliance teams to verify its legitimacy, monthly revenues and operational management. We will then act as a facilitator in the transfer of the newly purchased assets and equity from the e-commerce owner company to the new LLC, while ensuring that the e-commerce store owner ensures a transfer of all skills and assets.

The equity of the newly owned LLC will then be divided into "tokens" on the Blockchain and represented in a modern and easy to use interface via our web platform.

What form of currency can I use to buy TycoonR Tokens ?

You will be able to purchase TycoonR tokens by debit/credit card, bank transfer, and/or any of the crypto-currencies supported by our platform (BTC, ETH, & USDC).

How do I sell my TycoonR Tokens ?

TycoonR is currently working on creating a dedicated secondary market for TycoonR Token holders, offering instant liquidity via market orders as well as the ability to create limit orders for more advanced users.
More details will be announced in the coming months.

How often is my profit paid ?

Profit is paid out to all token holders on a pro-rata basis on a monthly basis (daily on a term basis). All payments are made in the form of USDC (denominated in USD) to your TycoonR account balance, which can then be redeemed instantly via one of our supported withdrawal methods: instant debit/credit card, bank transfers, and/or one of the supported crypto-currencies (BTC, ETH and USDC).

How does taxation work ?

It is your responsibility to declare the income you generate from the TycoonR platform to your local tax office. You will receive a summary form at the end of the year.

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